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  1. Hello!
    I think a 350 ohc Chater Lea was build 1926 at first time.
    I have a 350 ohc Chater Lea from 1927 in an unrestored condition but it is about 80
    % original. This time I will not sell it. Has he something for change? I also have 2 545cc sv Chater Leas and some parts.

    Regards Peter (Austria)

  2. Hello Peter
    I’m also rebuilding a Chater Lea 1927 CS
    I have many parts Missing but the main parts I require are rear half frame forks and oil tank,also don’t want to sell my project just want to build and use it.
    Best Regards

  3. Hi!

    I am trying to trace my fathers chater lea face cam model. It was restored in the early 90s to concurse condition.
    The reg number is VT1749 Any help would be great.


    • Hello Mike!

      Where do you come from?
      Please let me know your email address.
      I will beginn to restore my Chater Lea in the next months.
      Please answer
      Regards Peter

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